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Our main aim is empowering the farmers and the community mostly the youth since we are a community based organization. We help them by teaching them entrepreneurial skills and capacity building thus maximizing the use of space and time hence eco farm. We have a farm which is the epicenter of all our activities, through this farm we create awareness about the benefits of rearing dairy goats, we empower the interested farmers with the resources which in this case are the dairy goats and goat sheds to enable them rear the dairy goats. The goats are delivered to the when already in calved and insured. Upon delivery of the calves the milking can start. We provide them with ready market for the milk which we buy at 120 Kshs per liter, from the proceeds is where we deduct the agreed price for the dairy goats since we did not charge the farmers when delivering the dairy goats to their places but rather we gave them the dairy goats via an insurance policy which stated that we would deduct the agreed sum from the proceeds of the sale of the dairy goat milk until the agreed sum is complete.

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William Gichugu Njenga
Board Chairperson
Keziah Wairimu Mwangi
Board Treasurer
Samuel Karara Ngugi
Board Secretary
Joseph Kimani Wandereva
Board Member
James Muchina Kimani
Board Member