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Sumalatha is the founder of the Advanced Curriculum Enrichment Center and has been running it for nearly thirteen years. She holds a degree in Law and has a strong passion for teaching and guiding young students.

She is also a Teacher, College Counselor, Education Consultant, and Academic Coach who continues to be involved in the community and lend a helping hand to students of all ages.

After 3 years of teaching at the Beaverton school district and another 10 years at various locations, she started SUMA’s ACEC and has since expanded its tutoring services to guide students and families through the academic and college process.

She is passionate about teaching and feels that all children can work to their full potential with the right tools and support. In her free time, Suma strives to help those in need.

She is an active participant in the American Cancer Society, organizing various cultural events, competitions and so on to raise funds for those in need. Suma also loves to craft, read, and spend time with her family.