Grade Three

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Grade Three

8 – 9 years

Third grade (also called grade three, equivalent to Year 4 in the UK) is a year of primary education in many countries. It is the third school year of primary school. Students are usually 8–9 years old, depending on when their birthday occurs.

Skills that Children Will Learn

  • Multiplication and division facts within 100
  • Finding the area of rectangles
  • Telling time to the minute and intervals of time
  • Adding and subtracting within 1000
  • The concept of basic fractions (denominators of 2,3,4,6,8) and equivalent fractions using visual representations
  • Classifying quadrilaterals and calculating perimeter
  • Representing data on bar graphs and line plots
  • Rounding to the nearest 10 and 100
  • Measuring and estimating mass and liquid volume
  • Measuring and estimating mass and liquid volume
  • Creating pictographs with scales
  • Multiplication and Area (7 weeks)
  • Division of Whole Numbers (6 weeks)
  • Telling Time and Intervals of Time (3 weeks)
  • Fractions (5 weeks)
  • Representing Data with Graphs (2 weeks)
  • Whole Number Applications (4 weeks)
  • SBAC Exposure (2 weeks)
  • Quadrilaterals and Perimeter (4 weeks)
  • Mass and Volume (2 weeks)