Grade Six

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Grade Six

11 – 12 years

Sixth grade is a year of education for students ages 11–12. In many nations, it is the first year of middle school or the last year of elementary school.

Skills that Children Will Learn

  • Division of whole numbers
  • Division of fractions
  • Operations with decimals
  • Evaluating expressions w/ whole-number exponents
  • Interpreting, ordering, and plotting rational numbers on a number line or on a coordinate plane
  • Solving one-step algebraic equations
  • Understanding & using ratio reasoning to solve problems
  • Order of operations with exponents
  • Simplifying & evaluating algebraic expressions
  • Finding unit rates
  • Calculating percent of a quantity
  • Solving problems involving area of parallelograms and triangles
  • Finding surface area and volume of cubes and rectangular prisms
  • Writing and representing inequalities on a number line
  • Analyzing the relationship between independent and dependent variables using graphs/tables
  • Developing understanding of statistical variability
  • Summarizing and describing data distribution
  • Number Concepts (6 weeks)
  • Rational Numbers on the Number Line (4 weeks)
  • Expressions, Exponents & Properties (5 weeks)
  • Equations & Inequalities (3 weeks)
  • Ratios (8 weeks)
  •  Data Analysis (5 weeks)
  • Geometric Concepts