The S5 Tab Show can be demo'd at the top of this page. This version of the module is customized specifically for this template and cannot be used with any other templates. We do have another version that can be used on any Joomla template.

PLEASE NOTE - On the homepage of this demo you will see this module overlap the S5 Image and Content Fader module, as well as a fade-in effect; these features are only available if you publish the S5 Tab Show module to custom_2 and the S5 Image and Content Fader module to custom_1 on the same page. Those features were intended to work together with those modules only and in those positions only. This does NOT mean that these modules must be used in those positions nor does it mean that both modules must be present on the same page, it simply means if you wish to have those effects they most be published in that fashion. Also, custom_2 was designed ONLY for this module, no other module but S5 Tab Show should be published to this position due to the integration of S5 Image and Content Fader mentioned here.

The module holds up to 10 actual module positions so you can publish any of your favorite modules to one of the slides and keep your site clean and consolidated while giving it a nice effect. Simply publish the s5 tab show module to your desired module position and pages. Then start publishing modules to the positions in the tab show (s5_tab1, s5_tab2, etc); these modules will become the slides. There is also an automatic advance feature that allows you to automatically advance through the slides are your own specified interval.

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