The mentorship program aims at Mentoring young people to discover, develop and deploy their God-given talents towards societal transformation. Through well thought out creative sessions, the program is tailored to proactively take the young people through a self discovery process and to equip them with practical life changing values to perpetually govern their decisions.

Key Specialty Areas


  • Youth Mentorship & Development Forum

    This is a programme offered all year round by Okaalet & Associates and targeted to the Youth. It is geared towards guiding and equipping the Youth in discovering, developing and deploying their God given Talents. The programme is facilitated by seasoned professionals and takes a practical approach and centered on biblical Principles towards Talent discovery and development.

  • Entrepreneurship & Financial Management

    This program is specifically designed to guide training sessions of organized groups, who are at the preparatory stages of their businesses or intend to grow and improve their small enterprises.

    The model is developed to provide basic skills and information in business development and management. Using a manual, the program is designed to facilitate a structured process while deviating from the formal classroom setting to an interactive format that encourages group participation all through.

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