About Us

OKAALET & ASSOCIATES LTD (OAL) is a limited company registered under the companies Act. The leadership and Development consultancy firm is led by team of passionate, enthusiastic and committed professionals.

OKAALET & ASSOCIATES LIMITED was incorporated in the republic of Kenya in May 2011 to undertake among other focus areas, leadership development of individuals and groups. OAL primarily seeks to engage in lawful business guided by and built on Christian values and principles through training, consultancy, and policy development.

OAL through its wide range of programs aims to restore thetorn fabric of society by offering solutions through mentorship, marriage counseling, leadership development, training and facilitation.

Recognizing the power of partnerships, OAL has and shall continue working with others to promote and facilitate events and activities relevant to the achievement of its primary objectives.


Our Core Values

  • Continuity
    Guiding the next generation to unleash their potential is our passion
  • Integrity
    We strive to be honest and accountable in all our interactions
  • Family
    We believe in a united and functional family from inception and throughout the life span.
  • Partnership
    We value partnerships that enhance our objectives
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