• Executive Consulting.

    We focus our efforts on leaders and are privileged to offer our clients a broad network of consultants with expertise in Leadership. All are configurable from a custom unified administrative interface.  Conflict Resolution, Education, Diversity and for interested clients Faith at its intersection with Life and Work.

    If you are in need of any of the specific competences identified below, OAL is prepared and ready to serve your needs.
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  • Life-altering Leadership.

    Our Value Add is an approach to leaders and leadership that is Holistic, Integrated and Strategic. The program is geared towards reinforcing known and tested leadership models models that enable individuals and organizations to thrive in their professions.

    We Educate, Inform, Inspire & Ignite
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  • Reflective Living.

    This program is dedicated to the promotion of family values by equipping heads of households to take their rightful positions and responsibilities in their families.

    We help clients through creativity, critical thought and sound judgement.
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Our Core Values

  • Continuity +

    Guiding the next generation to unleash their potential. Read More
  • Integrity +

    We strive to be honest and accountable in all our interactions Read More
  • Family +

    We believe in a united, functional and God-ordained marriage. family from inception and throughout the life span Read More
  • Partnership +

    We value partnerships that enhance our objectives Read More
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Core Competencies.


OAL primarily seeks to engage in lawful business guided by and built on Christian values and principles through training, consultancy and policy development.

Why Choose OAL?

  • Leadership Strategies
  • Executive Coaching
  • Diversity Consulting
  • Conflict Resolution

1. Make Your Culture a Priority

Negativity and fear are knocking your people off balance. It’s time to regroup, refocus, and unite them to create a winning culture and team environment.

2.Share a Positive Vision Suffixes

It has to be clear, bold and simple so that that everyone in your organization can understand and rally around it.

3. Develop a Fleet of Bus Drivers

Once you share the vision and invite everyone on the same bus then it’s essential that each person in your organization understand.

4. Fill the VOID…Often Sources

Leaders, you must personally meet with your company and continually share your vision for the future and your fiscal status.

Have a game-plan

A clear vision and action plan ensure that all " players" are focused on the same end-result.


Do drills

Isolate the key skills required to succeed, and develop exercises that hone those specific skills through practice.

There are 8 stylistic module variations.


Achieving goals and surpassing milestones deserve credit.


Image Source FilesSources

Adobe® Fireworks PNG Sources are provided for easy customization.

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Rational Thinking

Addressing people’s rational parts

Our Approaches and Value-Added

Making and communicating a company-specific business case for Diversity

There are 8 stylistic module variations.

Organizational Realities

Gaining Conceptual and Process Clarity.

Organization Future Plans & ObjectivesSources

Identifying and managing the opportunities and challenges associated with each

Adobe® Fireworks PNG Sources.


Sometimes, two individuals in a conflict simply can't work it out together without the aid of third party. If your workers' conflict has escalated to the point where outside intervention is necessary, set up a mediation session. Train a staff member in the art of mediation.



Often, conflict arises simply due to a lack of communication. If you feel that your employees are having conflict because they are not talking with each other, set up time for a discussion. Encourage the employees to talk through the problem.