Natural Fiber

To prevent contamination and product damage during handling, shipping and storage, Signode Kenya offers protective packaging systems for natural and synthetic fibre.

Plastic Strapping

High-Strength Tenax™ polyester strapping reduces safety hazards and is easier to dispose of and recycle than steel strapping and wire. As a result, it is the preferred bale packaging material of some of the nation’s most influential textile mills.

High-Strength Tenax™ polyester strapping

High-Strength Tenax is a highly engineered polyester strapping material that combines the performance properties of both steel and plastic strapping to form a stronger, more resilient strapping material. Since its introduction in 1990, High-Strength Tenax has become a viable replacement for steel strapping in many heavy-duty unitizing, waste baling and tin plate applications. Its elongation and recovery characteristics help straps stay tight and absorb impacts without breaking, making it an excellent choice for tin plate unitizing

Utilizing our patented Z-weld seal joint technology, Signode’s  both manual hand strapping tools and  and fully automatic bale strapping system which is the first polyester strapping system approved by the National Cotton Council’s Bale Packaging Committee.

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Our sales, and service departments bring in wide competence that your industry demands and can help you to design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.