Plastic Strapping Systems

Signode Packaging Systems Ltd is the leading worldwide provider of plastic strapping systems for the securement of a wide range of products, from newspapers and produce to PVC pipe and cotton bales.

Two plastic strapping materials – Contrax® polypropylene and Tenax® polyester – are the basic components of our plastic strapping systems. We also offer an extensive line of application equipment, ranging from simple hand tools to fully automated, operatorless machines.

Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.

Plastic Strapping Systems

Signode Kenya manufactures plastic strapping for use with hand tools and high production power strapping machines. Our manufacturing processes are designed to:

  • Control surface properties
  • Minimize tensioning effort
  • Increase tension-transmission around corners and
  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Improve split-resistance to increase reliability in tools and power equipment

Contrax® polypropylene strapping is a good choice for light and medium-duty applications, including palletizing, unitizing, bundling, carton closure and reinforcement. It resists splitting and has a smooth, uniform surface so it performs reliably in power strapping machines and hand tools. Contrax® polypropylene strapping has “elastic memory” which absorbs shock and keeps stra
pping tight during handling and shipping.




Tenax polyester strapping is designed for medium to heavy-duty palletising and unitising applications and can be applied by hand tools or power strapping equipment. This strapping material yields higher break strengths and maintains a higher level of retained strap tension than polypropylene strapping for maximum load stability. This makes it ideal for signature bundles and palletised loads of printed materials that tend to shift during handling and transit. Tenax is available in sizes ranging from 9mm to 16mm.




Signode Kenya’s high performance, machine grade stretch films provide both high strength and high stretch. They’re specially manufactured to stretch up to 300%, depending on the gauge. This enables more pallet loads per roll to be wrapped, using less film, resulting in the lowest cost per load. With high performance film, the more it is stretched, the more the film recovers to hold loads tight and prevent product damage.

To ensure optimum film performance, Signode high performance film should be applied at high pre-stretch levels by Signode power pre-stretch equipment. Our machine grade film line consists of one-sided, two-sided, differential cling and ultraviolet inhibiting cast and blown films.



Mimalite™ Oriented Wrapping Film is the ideal solution for ensuring stability of palletized and utilized loads and facilitating safer loading, transportation and unloading.



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