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construction industry

Signode Kenya offers a wide range of vertical and horizontal strapping solutions, wrapping and protective packaging solutions for meeting today’s high volume/ high quality production standards of the Construction industry. Signode Kenya’s range of application tools, equipment and accessories secure loads for handling, shipping and storage.

While, traditionally, steel strapping has been utilized for load securement, much recent technological advancement has paved the way for high-strength polyester strapping materials. Polyester strapping has proven to provide several clear advantages over steel strapping in brick, concrete paver and roof tiles packaging applications.

Before converting steel strapping operations to plastic, however, it’s important to have a Signode Kenya Construction Industry Specialist evaluate your application.


Polyester strapping has proven to provide several clear advantages over steel strapping in brick and concrete paver packaging applications. Regardless of the material for the application or the plant layout, we offer a full range of application tools, equipment and accessories to complete your Signode strapping system.

Power strapping machines, the most efficient method for strap application, ensure uniform strap placement and load integrity. We manufacture a wide range of automatic and operator less models for brick and concrete paver applications. These systems protect brick and paver cubes from the hazards of handling, shipping, storage and stacking.

The Z-20 modular strapping head for plastic strapping is designed to reduce maintenance costs and accommodate faster production speeds. The Z-20’s narrow, compact design allows strapping heads to be mounted side by side, enabling up to five straps to be applied simultaneously.

The Signode Z-20 range is very flexible fully automatic system and has a large number of options available for break-away brick packaging. This enables most customer applications for medium to high throughput strapping and packaging to be satisfied.

The Z-20 station reduces manpower needs, and enables efficiency to be improved and raises packaging consistency. The brick stations are delivered for use with Signode’s high performance Tenax® PET strapping materials for maximum equipment efficiency and productivity.

Z-20 Key Features

Modular design

The Z-20’s innovative modular design consists of separate sealing and tensioning modules each weighing less than 60 lbs. These lightweight modules are easy to access and can be changed out quickly for routine maintenance.

No adjustments needed

The Z-20 can accommodate special production runs without making any strapping head adjustments. Regular brick packs and half packs can be interchanged during production runs.

Z-weld joint

The Z-20’s Z-weld friction joint yields superior shear strength and peel resistance.

Throughout the years, roof tile production line throughput levels have increased. Signode is offering packaging systems easily able to comply with these high production standards. Whether small bundles of 5-10 roof tiles or larger packs of up to 30-40 roof tiles which need to be secured, Signode uses plastic strapping as the ideal means to secure your products.

Strapping made of polypropylene or polyester are both used to secure smaller and larger bundles of roof tiles with fully automatic strapping equipment using the MD head technology.

The MD strapping head provides high speed combined with high reliability matching today’s production demands. Signode Kenya provides automatic solutions for different tile shapes and formats.

Signode Kenya manufactures plastic strapping for use with hand tools and high production power strapping machines. Signode Kenya’s manufacturing processes are designed to: 

  • Control surface properties – to minimize tensioning effort, increase tension-transmission around corners and improve operating efficiency
  • Improve split-resistance to increase reliability in tools and power equipment.

Contrax® polypropylene strapping is a good choice for light and medium-duty applications, including palletizing, unitizing, bundling, carton closure and reinforcement. It resists splitting and has a smooth, uniform surface so it performs reliably in power strapping machines and hand tools. Contrax® polypropylene strapping has “elastic memory” which absorbs shock and keeps strapping tight during handling and shipping.


Tenax® Polyester Strapping

Tenax polyester strapping is designed for medium to heavy-duty palletising and unitising applications and can be applied by hand tools or power strapping equipment. This strapping material yields higher break strengths and maintains a higher level of retained strap tension than polypropylene strapping for maximum load stability. This makes it ideal for signature bundles and palletised loads of printed materials that tend to shift during handling and transit. Tenax is available in sizes ranging from 9mm to 16mm.

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Signode Kenya’s Z-20 modular strapping system improves on current strapping systems to bring a higher level of durability and productivity to brick packaging applications. Designed to reduce maintenance costs and accommodate faster production speeds, the Z-20 integrates Signode’s latest strapping technology into a simple to operate and maintain brick packaging system that can improve profitability and reduce downtime for your operation.

Battery powered tools for Steel strapping applications! 

The unique GENY steel strapping (Sealer and Tensioner) tools have been successfully launched to suit many heavy-duty steel strapping applications. 

The light-weight GENY tools remove the hazardous and heavy airlines associated with standard tools and reduce operator fatigue greatly. Easy to use, with single button operation and LED illumination of the sealing area make them ideal in almost all applications. The 240 cycles per battery charge offer maximum efficiency in energy usage and eliminate the high costs and inefficiencies of pneumatic systems with a minimised carbon footprint for the tool. The strap tension can be varied up to 6.600 N which is more than suitable for most applications. 

• Next generation Li-Ion battery technology

• Light weight, yet durable and easy to use

• Reduced operator fatigue

• Mobile and improved work safety conditions

• 240 cycles per battery charge, battery fully re-charged in less than 30 minutes

• Significantly reduced energy and service costs verses air-powered tools

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The BXT2 provides all the benefits of Signode’s proven battery powered tool range-but is faster, easier to use and more productive than ever.

Designed to deliver low cost of ownership, consistency and reliability, BXT2 features ‘Hypercharge Technology’ enabling the BOSCH battery to be charged at any time, with just a 15 minute charge restoring 75-80% of the battery’s total power. Additionally, BXT2 maintains strap tension levels, to the last cycle.

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VT–16/19/25HD is Heavy Duty Pneumatic Tension-Weld®. Combination tools function as tensioners, sealers and cutters. They save time by eliminating the handling of separate tools. Seal-feed combination tools carry a stack of seals in a magazine for fast, easy loading. Sealless combination tools use friction to weld the strap ends together, creating a secure joint.

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When you buy from Signode, you benefit from technology that has been designed specifically for your needs; technology that protects your products, streamlines your production and improves your bottom line.

Regardless of the material you choose, we offer a full range of application tools, equipment and accessories to complete your strapping system.