Cambridge's CSR


Over the years based on our values and relationship with our stakeholders we have developed a systematic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The definitions and scope of CSR are very much debated. The starting point we have taken in developing our approach is that CSR covers the company’s impact on, or interaction with, society in three distinct areas.

We believe CSR should be seen as a core business activity and as such we have based it on 4 pillars. Shelter, Education, Health and Environment.

Today, there is also widespread interest of society in business’s impact on the environment and its willingness to participate in efforts to mitigate negative environmental consequences.

These are:

  • The company’s own operations
  • The company’s relationships with its business partners through the supply chain
  • The voluntary or philanthropic contributions it makes to communities.

CSR Projects

Working in cooperation with our project sites and regional offices around Kenya, Cambridge Engineering ensures that our corporate social responsibilities are fulfilled everywhere we do business.

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Outreach Programs

Cambridge Engineering contributes to and communicates with the local communities through employees' donation, mentoring and community outreach programs.

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Working in collaboration with national and international environmental education organizations, Eco-Generation aims to inspire the environmental leaders of tomorrow.

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