CambridgeEngineering Services Limited

“Business is not just deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering and providing tremendous service to customers. Finally business is a cobweb of human relationships...’’ (Roos Perot)


Our Mission


To provide quality engineering solutions that meets and exceeds our client’s expectations.

Our Vision


To continually improve our technical expertise and become the leading engineering firm in the region

Know Cambridge Engineering More

Cambridge Engineering Services Limited was founded in 2004 by one of the directors to deal with import of electronic accessories and later incorporated in 2010 as a company dealing with electrical and mechanical engineering services in the construction industry in the region. The Directors and the key personnel have a wealth of experience from engineering, project as well as business management.

In its core goal the company provides engineering services in construction industry, our approach is to complement building services. This approach shall be provision of modern, efficient and easily maintainable as well as environmentally friendly services that integrate with architectural décor. This requires and focuses on good understanding of building engineering.

In order to meet individual client’s needs, Cambridge Engineering Services Limited shall continually expand upon our knowledge and services to assist the clients successfully implement their projects whilst ensuring clients are provided with updated advice and solutions to meet their Electrical and Mechanical engineering needs within their economical frame set up to realize their lifetime desires

Cambridge Engineering Company Limited is an authority in the following disciplines: