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Impact To The Community Impact To The Community

Githunguri District is in Kiambu County. The district is divided into Three Divisions and seven Locations and further Twenty sub-locations. The district covers an area of 175.2 Km2 with an estimated population of 175,502 people. It is the 3rd largest in Kiambu County. With this rapidly growing population in the region, provision of quality medical care requires a reliable health facility. This earmarks Beta Care Community Hospital as mandated to promote and enhance better medical services which were previously very poor within the Githunguri region and outside boundaries.

Health centres within Githunguri like any other part of the county are limited in terms of specialized diagnostic equipments and accessories like X-rays, ultra sounds, and advance laboratory equipments for Biochemistry, not to mention issues of highly skilled medical personnel’s. Beta Care hospital has been able to take care of these shortcomings.

Many patients who used to be referred by other health facilities in this region, sometimes due to lack of oxygen support machine resulting to loss of life has been taken care of by the coming of Beta Care Hospital.

Creating awareness, preventions and early treatments of breast cancer, cervical cancer (women), prostrate cancer on (men) diabetes and Blood pressure which has been a great threat to the community.

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