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With vibrant large format messages, billboards signs command commuters’ attention and elevate brands.

Lamppost Advertising

Lamppost provides unique media opportunities in high profile and highly desired urban areas.

Hoarding Advertising

Hoardings are a creative and powerful outdoor advertising option because of their sheer size and grandeur.

Wall wraps

Walls command maximum attention and provide larger-than-life exposure in major town areas.

Bridge branding

Bridge branding has the advantage of reaching pedestrians and vehicular traffic at the eye-level.

Multi-directional Signs

Often arranged as a triptych, offer advertisers endless creative opportunities to engage audiences.

Sky signs

Put your message right in front of your audience when and where they are in need of a distraction.

Stage Shelters

Target the hard-to-reach subway commuter audience with high impact stage display ads.

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  • Sabis Intenational Runda

    Billboard Branding

  • Sabis Intenational Runda

    Billboard Branding

  • Schweppes, Kenya

    Billboard Branding

  • Tatu Connect

    Container Branding

  • Sibley Square

    3D Branding

  • DCR

    3D Branding

  • Segera AutoCare

    Road Sign Banner

  • Nyahururu Fitting Center

    Wall Branding

  • Giant Eagle, KE

    Wall Branding

  • ContiPartner

    Wall Branding

About 54 Media

We get that the world is changing. There’s power in breaking through and relevance rules. Impact is essential and tech connects us all. And, fundamentally, audiences are everything.

54 Media is embedded into the fabric of our cities and communities and trusted by the millions who engage with our media every day, driving a strong relationship between brands and audiences.

Every revolution needs a leader. We are leading our industry to bring intelligence to out-of-home (OOH).

Our Vision

To impact every Kenyan Daily.

Our Mission

Simple, short, and memorable, grounded by three letters: TLC. We leverage the power of technology, location, and creativity to deliver impactful and engaging interactions with audiences as they live their lives.

Our Brand Promise

Our iron-clad commitment to deliver impact where it matters.
Our media network leverages the power of the largest canvases across Kenya to grow brands and businesses by driving impact, engagement, fame, and trust across every touchpoint.

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